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We install quality energy efficient gas & oil products by Burnham, Utica, Weil-McLain, RUUD and other brands.

  • Hot Water Systems - Burns oil, natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LP) to heat up water. The water can be used for home heating and bathing. Boilers for home heating are usually set up with a furnace to heat the water and a hot water storage tank to hold hot water that will be used at a later time. Hot water for heat will be used right away and doesn’t need to be stored. Very little electricity is needed to run a water boiler system when it’s being used for home heating. The water is heat then circulated throughout the home through either baseboard heat that uses the hot water to directly heat coils that heat each room or through a forced air system where coils are heated by the hot water and then air is blown over the coils to heat it before it is sent into the home through vents. 

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Professional installation by Donovan Plumbing means years of worry-free warmth!

  • Forced Hot Air (FHA) - An element within the furnace unit is heated then air is blown through this thermostatically controlled device and distributed throughout the house using duct work and vent(s) in each room. They use the same fuel sources as hot water systems - oil, natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LP). The air type distribution system can be a dual purpose system that can distribute either heated air or cooled air from a central air conditioning unit. FHA systems tend to make the air dry a humidifier can be built in or added to alleviate it.

Choose Energy Star

Choosing a ENERGY STAR certified heating system you are taking money saving steps, its optimize performance, you can enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect our enviroment by helping prevent harmful carbon pollution.

Certified gas furnaces will be up to 16 percent more energy efficient than baseline models and can save an average of $94* in energy costs per year.

Certified oil furnaces are up to 4 percent more energy efficient than baseline models and can save an average of $66* in energy costs per year. ENERGY STAR qualified boilers have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 85% or greater.

We will properly size the heating system to efficiently warm your home. There's many types of fuel sources - Oil, natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LP).

* Information from ENERGY STAR website

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