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Faucet Dripping?

We can repair or
replace it

Slow running or blocked drains?

We can get things flowing again

Leaking supply lines?

They can cause a lot of damage. Rot, mold and attract bugs & rodents


Faucets & Sinks

Bath Tubs & Showers

Steam Systems

Toilets & Bidets

Whirlpool & Jacuzzi Tubs




New Installations, Remodels, Upgrades, Repairs and Maintenance

Hear water running for toilet and not flushing?
It could be a simple repair or it might be time for a replacement.
We can inspect and recommend a solution.
It's wasting water and costing you money $$.

Give your bathroom a quick and easy update.
Replace your sink (vanity) and faucet.

Concerned about water usage and consumpution?

 Replace older toilets with a new low volume flush model.


Kitchen Faucet Catalog

Click to Visit KohlerClick to Visit DeltaMany other brands available and models available

Kohler Antique Kohler Bancroft Kohler Forte Kohler IV Georges

Kohler Memoir Kohler Pinstripe Kohler Purist Kohler Revivial
Delta 538 MPU DST Delta 538T DST Delta 570 LF Delta 578 MPU DST
Delta 2507 HDF Delta 2578 LF Delta 2597 LF MPU Delta 5938T DST


Delta 25072 LF Delta B512 LF Delta 2522 LF MPU